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About us

Protect | Secure | Design

... of technical plants, buildings and industrial areas, that is our challenge.

Our experiences ensure a high standard of quality, dependability and stability in the market for the past 70 years, we being now in the third generation.

Our core areas are

  • Stationary and mobile sand blasting plants
  • Corrosion protection
  • Concrete maintenance
  • Surface preparation


Nothing should come to a standstill for the customers. Special shifts are not a rarity. We provide the logistics and the requirement package. If desired, we create a classified performance specification for you: Environmental protection, work safety, handling, quality assurance, and also performance specifications in different service segments. Environmental protection

With an optimally thought out housing and a modern filter technology, we wish to avoid dust and paint emissions at site, which would pollute the environment. Washing water is collected, cleansed and fed for water re-circulation. We attend to the permissions of the authorities.